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In 1994, the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society was formed to preserve, honour, and showcase the life of their local canine hero Beautiful Joe. The Society promotes the literary and humane achievements of Margaret Marshall Saunders (1861-1947) who is the author of the story, and who was able to give a voice to Beautiful Joe.

The Society is continuously enhancing a designated, 8 acre heritage site known as Beautiful Joe Park, which is located in Meaford, Ontario. This is also burial site of Beautiful Joe. Through the continued promotion of the ethics and values of the Beautiful Joe story, we intend to develop Beautiful Joe Park, and the Municipality of Meaford into an international tourist attraction.

Some of the projects the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society has been developing are:

  1. Continuing improvements to the Beautiful Joe Park with our much needed Accessibility Project
  2. Continued expansion of Paradise Island, a serene place in Beautiful Joe Park, where your animal companion can be remembered with a memorial plaque and/or tree.

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  3. The presentation of our professional stage production Beautiful Joe - The Play, where children and adults of all ages, will be able to see their beloved hero come to life. This will also allow visitors from all over to attend a potential yearly art/drama/song festival, in collaboration with other festivals across Canada, and beyond.
  4. On-going Fundraising campaign for the recently completed and newly opened Beautiful Joe Leash Free Park which allows pets the freedom to roam and play with others in the spirit of the book.
  5. Eventually, establishing a Beautiful Joe Museum, to celebrate the life of Margaret Marshall Saunders in the place that brought her such joy and success.

The Society relies on your generous support in reaching our goals. And without your support none of our goals to date could have been reached. Please consider becoming a yearly 'Friend of Beautiful Joe' for only $20, or make a donation to the Society so that we may continue with our plans and keep Joe's memory and message alive..
Volunteers also play a big role at the Beautiful Joe Heritage Society. If you would like to donate some of your time, please contact us today.

surveyThe Beautiful Joe Heritage Society, with the Municipality of Meaford, are asking for your input as some park users have expressed concerns that the trees pose a safety issue for the dogs and should be removed.

The Off Leash Park Tree Survey will be available from May 11 to July 10, 2015.


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