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Celebrating the Animal  Human Bond

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society

paradise island

In Memory of Your Companion

Remember your beloved companion with a memorial plaque. It makes me happy to think that I’m remembered by so many people.

The Society has installed a "Paradise Island" (from the book by M. M. Saunders "Beautiful Joe's Paradise") and for just $165 you’ll receive a beautifully engraved plaque for installation in Beautiful Joe Park along with an opportunity to include a picture and story about your beloved companion on my website. If you prefer, the plaque can be shipped to you for your own placement.

memorial plaque2Actual size is 4½" x 7½" solid aluminum with engraved insert.

Please fill out the form below and you will be directed to our secure online payment option.
You will be contacted when your plaque is ready and will be sent an email confirming your memorial plaque order. A charitable receipt of a portion of the order in the amount of $65.00 will be sent to you upon request.

If you would prefer to pay by cheque, please download and fill in this form and mail it to the address provided on the form.

Memorial Plaque

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Enjoy reading and participating in my website and if you would like to tell us your animal companion story or volunteer for our Society we’d love to hear from you (you should see my tail wagging just thinking about it), please send us an email or friend us on Facebook,
or if you’re old fashioned like Margaret Marshall Saunders, you can write to us at:
Beautiful Joe Heritage Society
PO Box 3304, Meaford, Ontario, Canada N4L 1A5
Tel: (519) 538-5895 Email:

Beautiful Joe Heritage Society preserves and promotes the historical legacies of both 'Beautiful Joe' and
Margaret Marshall Saunders and celebrates the natural bond between animals and humans.